The office was cold today - Zara Jacquard Pattern Blazer

8:57 PM

Here’s a very nice blazer from the Zara Basic Collection that goes well with anything in the office. It is quite thin so you can wear it in the summer. Up close, you’ll notice a nice jacquard pattern on the actual blazer. It definitely exudes more elegance over a plain white blazer. If you’re looking to spice up your office attire, this is one piece that's worth investing in. 

Blazer: Jacquard Pattern Blazer - Zara
Top (Loft) and Skirt (Calvin Klein): Two of my very first professional outfits that I got for my summer internship

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  1. Lovely top, the Jacquard pattern blazer is so pretty!

  2. Wow such an elegant look!! The blazer is actually on sale right now, going to get it tomorrow!!!

  3. Omg, this is like my 50th time telling you this, but I adore this blazer!!! Fashion at it's best...and I know because we work together =)

  4. Woah, this blazer caught my eye because I currently have the Forever21 Essential Brocade blazer in my wishlist....and it looks identical to this Zara one!

    1. wow you are right! even the bottom looks the same... I like this jacket a lot because it's so easy to match different colors and to dress up or down.