Ann Taylor Lace Tiered Shell

4:17 PM

Ann Taylor has successfully shifted their market focus to target a broader customer crowd. Every now and then when people ask me where I got my outfit from, as soon as I said Ann Taylor, they would give me a look, follow with "ohhhh, that's for older people, too mature for you"..... Nope, if you take a closer look at their recent catalog, their popular items are usually very stylish and filled with the most trendy elements of the season, such as the bright colors from this spring/summer, and my absolutely favorite fabric - lace for this summer/fall.

I have tried both of their latest lace dresses for the fall, the Abbey Floral Lace Sheath Dress and the Redefined Lace Sheath Dress, but end up buying the second one because of its fit and the elegant navy color, or “Deep Harbour” as they they would say it. This dress was really one of the most perfect fits I’ve ever gotten before. Pictures to come soon... hopefully!

And now onto the two cute tops that I had a hard time deciding which color to buy. It comes in Deep Harbour or Winter White. Originally, I thought about getting the deep harbour one because it will be something you can either dress up with a pencil skirt for work, or dress down with jeans for a shopping date with the girls. I am glad that I went to the actual store to try them on, since the deep harbour is dark enough that it hides the details of the lace. On the other hand, you just can never go wrong with white lace. It is absolutely adorable!

Top: Lace Tiered Shell - Ann Taylor 
Pants (left): Bi-Stretch Skinny Cropped Pants - Ann Taylor
Pants (right): Static Print Cropped Pants - Ann Taylor 
Necklace:  Beaded Swag Necklace - Forever 21
Pumps: Valentina Printed Patent Pumps - J. Crew

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