Back to School - Career Fair!

8:27 PM

It has been a while since the last time I attended a college career fair. First time being on the other side of the table as an employer does feel that much different, like you finally have some power now! Our table was so popular this year that I couldn't even catch my breath for the entire 3 hours as too many students wanted to talk to us...

I was debating between a dress and a full suit, but I ended up picking this outfit. I went for my not too formal (didn't want to intimidate students with my black suits), not too casual (didn't want to give them the impression that we wear dresses in the office everyday...) blue dress shirt and a gray skirt with lace on the sides. YES, lace again! The lace lining on both sides of the skirt definitely makes a boring gray skirt look more elegant.  

I visited my friend in school after the career fair and found this blue jacket from her extremely limited wardrobe as a math major student. Lol, no offense here. The jacket is a little loose on the waist. So after putting it on, I took the belt from my skirt and wore it outside to create a better fit.

About the belt: The belt from The Limited has a “back sliding adjuster”, which I think is the best invention ever! It helps to solve my two biggest concerns when wearing a belt: 1) not fitting perfectly because the position of the holes does not correspond to the length of my waist and 2) the end strap of the belt can look really strange if I don't tuck it in right.

 "back sliding adjuster"

Blazer: Military Button Academy Blazer - Gap
Shirt: Stretch Perfect Shirt - J. Crew
Skirt: Old skirt I bought a year ago - The Limited
Belt: Inlaid Plaque Buckle Belt - The Limited
Clutch: Havana Clutch - J. Crew

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  1. If black off shoulder dress keeps women a sense of mystery.Then lace top black dress shows the neat and pure of a girl.