LA Trip #2 - American Eagle Lace Corset Dress

7:20 PM

I wore a so-called beach dress on my last post, but I didn't end up going to the beach that day. Couple days later, I took a trip to Catalina Island, just off the coast of California. I knew this was the perfect time to put on my favorite dress of this summer from American Eagle!

The AE store in the mall was just recently renovated. Yup, I walked in for the first time since... maybe freshman year in college? I am pretty sure the last thing I got from AE was a pair of flip flops for my freshman year summer. I was very very very surprised how they have changed their style over the years. Now it's more like somewhere between Hollister/A&F and J. Crew/ kidding! AE is no longer a go-to for just teenagers for sure. I've gotten many compliments when I wore this dress, even the salesgirl from Madewell liked it!! 

With my outfit ready to go, I set sail for Catalina Island. When I finally hit ashore, I immediately grabbed a boat and went parasailing. I’ve never been parasailing before, but everyone should experience it at least once! The feeling of the wind rushing past you while you are 600 feet in the air is exhilarating, and the view from up there was breathtaking. Speaking of awe inspiring vistas, I had to climb up the hills to take a couple of these shots here. It took a long time to walk up to these spots with my flip flops but it was definitely worth it!  

Dress: Lace Corset Dress - American Eagle 
Crossbody Clutch: from a local boutique store - Lou Lou
Flip-flops: Flower Flip-flops from last summer - J. Crew

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  1. The white dress looks glamorous on you. I love it! Where did you purchase that from?

    1. American Eagle! I've added the link to the post