7 Ways to Wear a Bright Color Sweater - J.Crew Tippi

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As fall slowly slipping away and winter stealthily rings the bell, I have come to realize an immediate need to compile a general theme for my closet revolving around this season’s biggest trend, color-blocking! I know primary colors has been around the block for at least a year now, but who could resist the versatility of mixing and matching the simple yet bold colors. It’s the perfect way to accentuate your figure without using too many pieces of accessories.  Not to mention, putting together those color patterns, either in strips or in blocks, vertically or horizontally, and pairing them up with tights and a pair of horse-riding boot would definitely make you stand out among those monotone black coats or disorientated layering.

A fashion consultant was invited to my office today to give us a 2-hour long “personal branding workshop” (aka how to build your professional wardrobe). It takes 5 seconds to make an impression. What kind of impression you are trying to give to your coworkers or your clients has a lot to do with what you wear. For example, black/navy/khaki suits communicates the authoritative image of you; yellow/orange/pink, on the other hand, is telling others that you are more accessible (i.e. most likely to be asked to do more work from your boss!).

I have always been a huge fan of colors ever since I had discovered the joy of learning how to look good while making my own statement with clothing. Mastering color is the secret of being a skilled stylist which is not surprising, since having a coherent color scene plays a major part of your overall look.

Enough said about colors... I picked up this pink sweater when J. Crew had their 25% off sweaters sale last week.
Wearing bright pink used to be a no no for me in the office, so I was playing with my closet to find some ways to incorporate the color as a part of my professional look. I hope you liked my “7 ways to wear a sweater” mixes and matches. Let me know what is your favorite (or least favorite) one!

Sweater: Tippi Sweater - J.Crew
Skirt (top left): Ann Taylor (similar)
Skirt (top middle): Talbot 
Skirt (top right): Postage Stamp Mini in Dizzy Anchors - J. Crew 
Dress wear as skirt (middle right): Ella Dress in Garden Floral - J.Crew
Boots (bottom left): old-old-old Boots - Cole Haan (similar)
Blazer (bottom middle): Jacquard Pattern Blazer - Zara
Jeans (bottom middle): old Toothpick Ankle Jean in White Denim - J. Crew
Shirt (bottom right): old Non-Iron Sateen Shirt - Banana Republic
Pants (bottom right): Ultimate Double Weave Notch Back Columnist Pant - Express
Clutch: Havana Clutch - J. Crew

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  1. Julia, that is creative! Keep up the good work with your blog and I will keep up ready it.

    I love the bottom left one. J crew's sweater is awesome.

    1. Thanks Jingke! I need to learn a lot of photography skills from you to keep my blog going too :)