"Fabulously British" Jack Wills Quilted Jacket

9:30 PM

Weekends are the only time that I can let loose and dress the way I want to, without worrying about any company dress codes. With a complete turnaround in the weather after Sandy, I put on my quilted jacket, tights and riding boots as I were still a college student.

I’ve always had a thing for preppy British styles - and it just got deeper after my trip to London two years ago. A friend of mine showed me the Jack Wills store in Georgetown for the first time during Fashion’s Night Out. With only 13 stores in the U.S., Jack Wills is a U.K. brand targeting for the 20 somethings. It has a very well balanced style without being overly mature while adding the tweak of young college vibe with an amazingly slim fit. I especially adore the versatile floral lining, it is not unseen like the traditional lining, but can be displayed through the open hood or by flipping out the sleeves to add a subtle, yet interesting element to the coat.


If you’re looking for alternatives to this quilt, try the J. Crew one (which made me almost return my Jack Wills’). Or if you want to go for something high end, the Burberry quilt jacket is always an excellent choice and they come in a variety of colors every year. 


Lining - my favorite part of this jacket

Jacket: The Eton Quilted Jacket - Jack Wills
Top: old striped long sleeve top - Forever 21 (similar)
Scarf: from Aunt when I visited her in U.K.
Bottom: old leggins - Hollister
Boots: old boots - Cole Haan (similar)

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  1. We both love British style! I wear my Barbour jacket everywhere this fall.

    1. Yeah they are just so classy and warm!

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