Where's the Whale? Vineyard Vines on the Cruise

7:29 PM

Where’s the whale?

I’m enjoying another day at sea here on the Disney Fantasy.
What better way to relax than to watch the waves roll by on deck 4 with this Vineyard Vines dress?! The ocean breeze is salty but refreshing. The sun is shining down but I can't see any land over the horizon. It feels like a private resort at sea just for me.

Deck 4’s outside walkway is one of the most relaxing areas on the ship. The occasional joggers and shuffleboard players did nothing to ruin its tranquility. It would be easy to get lost in deck 4’s spectacular ocean view. Sure, the sight of water going on for miles seems rather mundane, but the waves glistening against the sun paints such a picturesque vista!

Dress: Confetti Dress - Vineyard Vines
Glasses: RB3025 Aviator - Ray-Ban
Necklace: Ralph Lauren (similar)

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