J. Crew Fair Isle Ski Sweater

6:48 PM

It's February now - we are finally closer to the spring! After being snow-in for the past two weeks, I decided to venture into the woods for a short walk. With the Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day falling into the same month again, I was thinking of wearing something bright to go with these two holidays. This fair isle sweater from J. Crew might just do the trick. The pattern on it kind of reminds me of Aztec style, but much brighter and less ominous. All in all, this is a perfect sweater to go with the month of February without overdoing it!

Also, in the spirit of Raven's Super Bowl victory, I figured posting Oriole’s color might suffice since they are also from Baltimore. Sorry, it is going to take me a while to find any purples in my winter wardrobe!

As a side note, I recommend getting this sweater one size up because the fair isle part is connected by the yarns which, lay in a very strange place that it feels like a rope wrapping around you when you try to stretch your arms. After trying the size S, up from my normal XS, the shoulder/chest area becomes roomier that the yarns are not bothering me anymore.

Readers - do you own any fair isle sweaters from J. Crew? How do you like it?

Sweater: Fair Isle Ski Sweater - J. Crew
Jeans: Toothpick Ankle Jean in White Denim - J. Crew (similar
Boots: Cole Haan (similar)
Bag: Calfskin Cross-Body Bag - Brooks Brothers
Sunglasses: Original Wayfarer - Ray-Ban

Some of my favorites:

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  1. great post!


  2. I've always wanted a fair isle sweater but have had a hard time finding one that doesn't scream x-mas only. This one fits the bill perfectly! Must keep eye on jcrew fair isles in the future...

    PS. As a 49ers fan, I'll pretend that this reddish orange actually represents the niners ;)

    1. haha... fair enough!

      Jack Wills also has some very cute fair isle sweaters, but yeah I'd have to agree with you that many of them have either reindeers or snowflakes...

  3. What a great sweater! Also, love your boots!

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    1. Thanks! I've been wearing the boots for a couples years and now it's really becoming a "beat-up" vintage pair without putting extra work on them :)

  4. Nice sweater!


  5. Love this outfit Julia!~

    Added you on Blolovin'