The A-Line Skirt

9:11 AM

As a lover of dresses, this was my first time (in a long long time) trying an A-line skirt. With a relatively tall figure, I always thought A-line skirts would come off as too childish. Thanks to my friend Mian, who convinced me to purchase this one. It actually turned out pretty flattering. 

From my personal experience, I think there are two important factors to consider when wearing an A-line skirt:

1) Choose the right length - If you don’t want your legs to look short, find a skirt that is right above your knees. Be careful here, please don’t go too high above your knees, it’s just not a classy look.

2) Go with a fitted plain top - an A-line skirt is meant to show your curves. Wearing a loose fitting top will ultimately hide your figure and defeat the purpose of the skirt’s design. I like to make sure the shape and the pattern of my A-line skirt stands out, so wearing a plain white top usually does the trick!

I am currently on vacation in China right now. This was me on my way to one of the many over the top dining experiences they offered here locally.

Top: Lace Tiered Shell - Ann Taylor (review)
Skirt: Belted A-Line Skirt - The Limited (similar)
Flats: Sidewalk Skimmers - Madewell (similar)

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