Cast Away - J.Crew Whale Linen Tippi Sweater

10:03 PM

The beginning of summer means I am on the road (or ocean, in this case) again. 

For this first leg of the journey, I boarded the Disney Wonder cruise ship in Vancouver. Having been on the Disney Fantasy, the newest ship in the fleet, I was slightly disappointed in the amenities. However, the experience itself was still fantastic. The theming is very well done, as the ship is designed as the classic and elegant ocean liners of the original Disney. My favorite parts of the entire cruise were the Broadway style musicals and, of course, seeing all my favorite Disney characters decked out in their “non-traditional” outfits!

Not to be outdone by Minnie, I put together a nautical outfit of my own. As we were sailing in the open waters, I wanted my outfit to match the surroundings. The dark blues and turquoise colors bring a ocean faring color scheme to the top. The whale patterns on my sweater must have given me good luck, as I saw so many whales and sea lions while enjoying the sun!



Sweater: Linen Tippi Whale Sweater - J. Crew
Shorts: Printed Denim Short - J. Crew Factory 
Sandals: Madewell

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