7 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas with 1 Simple Pink Sweater

8:03 PM

Last week I talked about how to stay warm on Valentine's Day by accessorizing with pink on your comfy sweater. As Valentine's Day is only a week away, if you have been busy picking the best gift for him but have not had time to think about what to wear next week, here are seven ways to dress up with a simple pink sweater that many of you can find in your closet.

The first part of my mixing and matching involves a lot, I meant, I lot, of patterns. From the conservative black and white, to the cool and preppy anchors, to my favorite, colorful floral. Fortunately, Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday this year. But for those of you who still have to work next Saturday, and plan to go to dinner right after work, you can start the morning on some work appropriate looks with long pants and a blazer.

The sweater I wear here is the J.Crew Merino Tippi Sweater. The sweater has just the perfect amount of thickness and softness. It is the most versatile sweater I've had that I literally wear it from September to June. I have at least five different colors of them, from both the regular J.Crew retail store and J.Crew Factory. This is actually one of the few items where I don't find the quality to be much different in the factory store from the regular retail store. For those of you looking for an even softer and warmer sweater, the J.Crew Collection Featherweight Cashmere Long-Sleeve Tee has a very similar fit to the one above.

I created this pink sweater collage 2 years ago, but I thought I should bring it up again in the spirit of Valentine's Day. Hope you find them useful! I'd love to hear which look is your favorite. So please let me know in the comment below! :)

Don't have a pink sweater yet? Below are my picks in addition to the J.Crew Merino Tippi Sweater and J.Crew Collection Featherweight Cashmere Long-Sleeve Tee:

Sweater: Tippi Sweater - J.Crew or J.Crew Factory
Skirt (top left): Ann Taylor (similar)
Skirt (top middle): Talbot (similar here and here)
Skirt (top right): Postage Stamp Mini in Dizzy Anchors - J. Crew (similar)
Dress wear as skirt (middle right): Ella Dress in Garden Floral - J.Crew (similar here and here)
Boots (bottom left): old-old-old Boots - Cole Haan (similar here and here)
Blazer (bottom middle): Jacquard Pattern Blazer - Zara (similar here)
Jeans (bottom middle): old Toothpick Ankle Jean in White Denim - J. Crew
Shirt (bottom right): old Non-Iron Sateen Shirt - Banana Republic
Pants (bottom right): Ultimate Double Weave Notch Back Columnist Pant - Express (similar here)
Clutch: Havana Clutch - J. Crew (similar here)

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  1. Such a lovely post!! I am in love with your 7 different styles and that bright pink!

    Check out my Valentine's Day post if you get a chance!

  2. This is so cute! I love how you took a simple pink sweater and gave us 7 different styling options! I like the sweater with the floral skirt for a date night look, and the sweater with the red skirt, belt and pearls for an office-appropriate look. :)


    1. I am glad you liked them! I hope you would try some of those one day!

  3. Great ideas! Stay warm!



  4. These are such cute options! I love the Tippi sweater - I have it in yellow and dark red! I think it's such a staple, I'll be sure to add this color to my wishlist as well (:

    - Deniz

    1. Yes! This color is perfect for the warm weather coming up! :)

  5. I love how you styled this sweater!! Such a fun pop of color.

    A Petite Treat

  6. Love it! That sweater is beautiful and those are great options, my favourite is the first one ♥