Perfect Spring Loafers

1:41 AM

You probably have already received a bajillion number of emails about the Nordstrom winter sale this weekend. Instead of getting a pair of boots that you will probably wear only 2 more weeks this year, and won't be able to touch them again until next winter, how about prepping your feet for the Spring?

I bought these loafers last year, and was really excited to find out they are now 40% off for all colors! I had a really hard time debating which color to get at that time. Part of me loved the navy as it would go well with most of my darker color outfits, especially the denims; but part of me also really liked how burgundy and my skin color blended well. Now take a guess, which pair I ended up getting? :)

Loafer: Vince Camuto 'Kade' Cutout Loafer (currently 40% off!)

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Loafer - Vince Camuto 'Kade' Cutout Loafer

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  1. I love the pic with 2 different colors on - it shows a good sense of humor. Those are great shoes and would pair well with a lot of different types of outfits (casual, corporate). Thanks!

    -Kirsten || pork & cookies

    1. Yeah I love how I can wear them from weekdays to the weekends!

  2. I love loafers for Spring! They're perfect during the transition between seasons because they are warm enough yet can still look springy!

    xoxo, Shannon |

  3. These look cute a comy!

  4. They look comfy AND cute! Love it!

  5. These are so cute! I need to add a pair of loafers to my closet, and I love both colors. I'd guess navy but either choice is a good one! ;)

    1. Great guess! I got the burgundy one in the end :)