Valentine's Day - Knits Not Dress

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If you are following the New York Fashion Week 2017 this week, you already know pink is ruling the stages and it will continue to be a popular trend for Spring/Summer this year. It no longer associates the color with just girlishness. According to Laura Vinroot Poole, the founder of boutique Capitol in Charlotte, N.C. and is known for both stocking and wearing pink, “To wear pink, you have to be an interesting and smart person,” she said. “You have to have things to say. In pink, you can’t hide.”

Unfortunately Valentine's Day always falls in the coldest month of the year. For those of you who are hesitant about wearing a short pink dress on a 30 degree evening, pink sweater or cardigan is always a great alternative. Why not saving that beautiful pink dress for a date in the Summer when you can dress with more comfort (and of course, more confidence too!)

I got this pastel pink cardigan from Zara last year. The $22 cardigan is so soft that I went back to get another one in a different color after. The interesting thing is, one time a friend was visiting me and she didn't realize how chilly the Summer could get here in Seattle. So she went to the Zara by her hotel and bought the exact same cardigan in grey before meeting up with me. We have been calling each other twins since we knew each other because we have the same birthday. All the photos we took that day we end up looking just like real twins!

I tend to go for a bag that can creates a strong contrast with my outfit, hence this yellow Coach Swagger 20 in Pebble Leather. I am a fan of the Coach Swagger line because 1) the box shape will prevent them from sagging, yet not too rigid and boring, and 2) it has just the right amount of buckles and straps on them, not too much, not too little.

If cardigan, or pastel pink isn't your thing, I have also shared a post about 7 ways to style a bright pink sweater with J.Crew's Tippi Sweater (this one is so cute and also works too) two years ago. Check it out and let me know which one is your favorite!
Crossbody Bag - Coach Swagger
Whether celebrating it with your loved other half, or your loved friends/family, I wish you a warm Valentine's Day!

Cardigan - Zara Cowl Neck Cardigan
Pants - Paige Ankle Skinny Jeans
Flats - Tory Burch (similar)
Bag - Coach Swagger Crossbody

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  1. Nice photos! I've been avoiding wearing pink (to look less childish or out-of-my age), but now I'm inspired to try pink again!

    1. Nice! That's the right time to do it!

  2. Love the pop of yellow xx, Erin -

  3. It's so true that Valentine's falls during one of the coldest months! I am loving this sweet pink cardigan on you! I am also loving that OTS ruffle top you linked xx

    1. Glad you found something you love here!

  4. Fab photos. Fabulous outfit. Love all the details in the look. Beautiful.

    Inez | My Small World

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Inez!

  5. This bag is really a great eyecatcher :) Love the soft colors of your look, great for spring!