Weekend Trip Along Highway 1

7:59 PM

During a business trip to San Francisco last week, I went on a quick road trip along Highway 1 of the West Coast. Having spent most of my winter in the Pacific Northwest, it's really nice to finally get out to the sun and enjoy the 60-degree weather again.

I have driven along the coastal highways many times in the past and have wrote about them in my blog here. But each time I discover something new and different. Our original plan was to drive directly to 17 Mile Drive, a scenic park/neighborhood that attracts a lot of visitors every year. There were two routes that could take us there according to Google Map - taking the inland highways or the coastal Highway 1 but for an hour longer. We went with the coastal route, and to our surprises, the views were much more stunning than we had anticipated...

Surprise #1 was the wildflower field below. I have never seen such a large sea of flowers, not to mention it's next to the ocean. I knew I had to hop off the car and snap some photos!

I bought this jacket a few months ago as the first faux leather jacket I've ever owned. I've been wearing it over two vacations in a row now (see how I styled it when I was in Miami here and here). It's such a versatile piece that it goes well with jeans, leggings, maxi dresses, short dresses, pretty much anything you can think of. It is also an awesome looking windbreaker if you are visiting windy cities like San Francisco, for those who don't want to wear sporty wind jackets over a dress. :) I got it from Hollister while walking into the store with my cousin last time. To be honest, I haven't walked into Hollister in ages, but I remember in the last few times I went, I was able to score some really good pieces.

Surprise #2 was this cute lighthouse not far from Santa Cruz. It even has a small hostel next to the lighthouse that you literally fall asleep by the cliffs while listening to the waves... I've added it to my bucket list!

Have you driven along Highway 1 before? What is your favorite spot?

Dress: J.Crew (similar here)
Jacket: Hollister (similar here, here and here)

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  1. Such a stunning place! I've been to the 17 miles drive many times but completely missed these scenic spots as we were taking the inland highways. Now I really want to check out the lighthouse and spend the night at the hostel!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I live in the Bay Area but never knew of these places. They are definitely on my list now!